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Cppcheck Open-Source 2.10 released

We are happy to announce the release of Cppcheck Open-Source 2.10!

This update brings significant improvements and fixes to checkers, with a notable change in Windows binaries' default platform to 'native' starting from Cppcheck 2.13. A new check encourages the use of `memset`/`memcpy` over loops. On the CLI, it introduces error handling for inaccessible files via "--file-list" and a "--disable=" option to turn off specific checks. The GUI now alerts users to outdated versions and resolves path issues with backslashes, also cleaning up `*.ctu-info` files post-analysis. Build changes include the removal of the deprecated `SRCDIR` Makefile option and a new CMake option `BUILD_CORE_DLL` for creating `cppcheck-core.dll` with Visual Studio.

Release notes:

  • Analysis:
    • Many improvements and fixes in checkers.
    • Windows binaries currently default to the "win32A" and "win64" platform respectively. Starting with Cppcheck 2.13 they will default to 'native' instead. Please specify '--platform=win32A' or '--platform=win64' explicitly if you rely on this.
    • New check: use memset/memcpy instead of loop
  • CLI:
    • if the file provided via "--file-list" cannot be opened it will now error out
    • add command-line option "--disable=" to individually disable checks
  • GUI:
    • Detect when installed version is old. There is setting in Edit/Preferences to turn this on.
    • Fix path issue with backslashes
    • Cleanup *.ctu-info files after analysis
  • Build:
    • the deprecated Makefile option SRCDIR is no longer accepted
    • added CMake option BUILD_CORE_DLL to build lib as cppcheck-core.dll with Visual Studio