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Software update

Cppcheck Open-Source 2.13 released

Cppcheck Open-Source 2.13 released with new checks, interface improvements, and deprecations. Enhancements include Qt6 shift, error reporting...

Software update

Cppcheck Open-Source 2.12 released

Cppcheck Open-Source 2.12 introduces new checks and enhancements, GUI improvements, and deprecations. Learn about the latest features and updates in...

Software update

Cppcheck Open-Source 2.11 released

Cppcheck Open-Source 2.11 released with new checks and enhancements for ValueFlow analysis and GUI changes. Explore the latest features and...

Software update

Cppcheck Open-Source 2.10 released

Cppcheck Open-Source 2.10 released with significant improvements, new checks, and build changes. Learn about the latest features and updates in this...

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