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Cppcheck Premium 22.4.1 released

We are happy to announce the release of Cppcheck Premium 22.4.1!

The Cppcheck Premium 22.4.1 release introduces new CERT checks to enhance code security and quality. These include proper syntax for array declarations, secure structure passing, consistent function declarations, and cautious variable placement in switch statements. It also covers floating-point usage, avoiding assignments in selections, integer bit-shifting, and ensuring adequate string storage.

Release notes

  • CERT check: dcl38: Use the correct syntax when declaring a flexible array member
  • CERT check: dcl39: Avoid information leakage when passing a structure across a trust boundary
  • CERT check: dcl40: Do not create incompatible declarations of the same function or object
  • CERT check: dcl41: Do not declare variables inside a switch statement before the first case label
  • CERT check: exp45: Do not perform assignments in selection statements
  • CERT check: flp30: Do not use floating-point variables as loop counters
  • CERT check: flp36: loss of precision
  • CERT check: flp37: Do not use object representations to compare floating-point values
  • CERT check: int34: shift negative / too many bits
  • CERT check: str31: Guarantee that storage for strings has sufficient space for character data and the null terminator
  • CERT check: str32: Passing string that is not null terminated to function