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Cppcheck Premium 22.12.1 released

We are happy to announce the release of Cppcheck Premium 22.12.1 released!

The update improves checks for uninitialized variables, adds new Cert C++ checkers targeting proper symbol declaration, initialization cycles, program termination practices, exception handling, and deadlocks by enforcing a predefined order for locking.

Release notes:

  • Improved checking for uninitialized variables.
  • New Cert C++ checkers:
    • DCL51: Do not declare or define a reserved symbol
    • DCL56: Avoid cycles during initialization of static objects
    • ERR50: Do not abruptly terminate the program
    • ERR55: Honor exception specifications
    • ERR58: Handle all exceptions thrown before main()
    • ERR56: Guarantee exception safety
    • CON53-CPP. Avoid deadlock by locking in a predefined order