Why use Cppcheck for Cyber Security compliance?

Cppcheck is exceptionally well-suited for secure systems, offering a unique blend of speed, accuracy, and real-world validation

  • Its efficiency allows it to be run on individual developers' computers, catching bugs at the earliest stage of development. 
  • Cppcheck is built on the principle of zero false positives. This aspect is important when  certifying products, as false positives can lead to unnecessary documentation and verification efforts, delaying the certification process. 
  • Cppcheck run locally and air-gapped with no license servers, network configurations, or SLA-agreements to worry about.
  • All of Cppcheck's checkers are rigorously tested against large open-source projects, ensuring that the issues it identifies are practical and relevant, not just theoretical. 

Cppcheck supports the following Secure Coding standards

  • CERT C
  • CERT C++
  • Top 25 CWEs
  • ISO/IEC TS 17961:2013/Cor 1:2016

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