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Software update

Cppcheck Premium 24.2.1 released

Cppcheck Premium 24.2.1 released with CERT C and MISRA C enhancements, improved compliance reports, and bug fixes. Stay updated with the latest...

Software update

Cppcheck Premium 24.2.0 released

Cppcheck Premium 24.2.0 release addresses false positives, improves compliance reports, enhances MISRA checking, and speeds up performance. Read...

Software update

Cppcheck Premium 23.12.0 released

Discover the latest release of Cppcheck Premium 23.12.0, addressing false positives, implementing Autosar rules, and improving MISRA C checks. Stay...

Software update

Cppcheck Premium 23.9.0 released

Cppcheck Premium 23.9.0 released with new compliance checking option, error reporting for invalid licenses, bug fixes, and Autosar rule...

Software update

Cppcheck Premium 23.6.0 released

Cppcheck Premium 23.6.0 released with updates for MISRA C standards, improved code analysis, and enhanced bitwise operation checks. Stay updated with...

Software update

Cppcheck Premium 23.5.0 released

Cppcheck Premium 23.5.0 released with updates addressing precision loss, buffer overflow, and redundant reassignments. Check out the latest release...

Software update

Cppcheck Premium 23.4.0 released

Cppcheck Premium 23.4.0 released with full CERT C++ coverage, new MISRA C++ rules, and improved license registration. Check out the latest updates...

Software update

Cppcheck Premium 23.2.2 released

Cppcheck Premium 23.2.2 released with bug fixes in AUTOSAR and CERT checking, completing CERT C++ rule checks and reducing false positives in...

Software update

Cppcheck Premium 22.12.3 released

Cppcheck Premium 22.12.3 released with reduced false positives in Misra C++ checks and new Cert C++ checkers addressing ambiguous declarations and...

Software update

Cppcheck Premium 22.12.1 released

Cppcheck Premium 22.12.1 released with improved checks for uninitialized variables and new Cert C++ checkers targeting various programming practices....

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