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Cppcheck Premium 24.2.1 released

We are happy to announce the release of Cppcheck Premium 24.2.1!

The update incorporates CERT C checkers as specified in chapter 1.5 of the CERT C++ standard into CERT C++ checking. Compliance reports have been improved to include suppressed rules. MISRA C checking enhancements target specific rules for more accurate analysis. Fixes and improvements are also made to MISra C++ 2008 checkers, particularly correcting the output for rule 6-2-3 and enhancing the checker for rule 4-10-2. Additionally, the update addresses false positives in MISRA configurations within `sizeof()` expressions, speeds up MISRA C checking, and is based on Cppcheck version 2.13.4.

Release notes:

  • Cert C++: Include Cert C checkers specified by chapter 1.5 in Cert C++ standard.
  • Compliance reports; show suppressed rules
  • Misra C: improved checking of 13.2, 13.4, 16.3, 21.2, 21.24
  • Misra C++ 2008: fix 6-2-3 output
  • Misra C++ 2008: improve 4-10-2 checker
  • Fix misra-config false positives in sizeof() expressions
  • Speedup Misra C checking
  • Based on Cppcheck-2.13.4