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Cppcheck Premium 23.6.0 released

We are happy to announce the release of Cppcheck Premium 23.6.0 released!

The update includes checks for MISRA C 2012 Amendments #3 and #4, along with MISRA C 2023 standards. It enhances detection of unreachable code, unread variables, and issues with overflowing pointers obtained via address-of operations. Additionally, it improves the analysis of bitwise operations, particularly regarding suspicious operands.

Release notes:

  • Misra C 2012 Amendment #3 checks
  • Misra C 2012 Amendment #4 checks
  • Misra C 2023
  • Improved checking for unreachable code
  • Improved checking for unread variables (
  • Improved checking when overflowing pointer you get from address-of
  • Improved checking of bitwise operations (suspicious operands)