One of the most used static code analyzers in the world.

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Why use Cppcheck?

Cppcheck is a static analysis tool for C/C++ code. It provides unique code analysis to detect bugs and is top rated in detecting undefined behavior and dangerous coding constructs.

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Plug & Play

Cppcheck is built to be Plug & Play with a maximum 30 min from installation to result.


On-prem and air-gapped

Run locally and air-gapped with no license servers, network configurations, or SLA-agreements to worry about.

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No False Positives

We treat all false positives as bugs because we want developers to trust the tool.

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Unique analysis

Our unique bi-directional analysis makes the tool one of the fastest on the market.

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Verified on actual code

Finds actual dangerous bugs by focusing on undefined behavior and ”useful” checkers.

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The right tool for the task

Multi-purpose tools seldom excel at any one thing. If finding bugs is important to you, you need a specialized tool.

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Great support

Only developers work with support which means that our support always know what they are talking about.

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Based on open-source

Continuously tried and tested by thousand of developers on hundreds of platforms makes it a tool you can trust.

Using Cppcheck for safety compliance

Ensuring Safety Compliance

Cppcheck's inclusion of support for safety standards such as MISRA C 2023, MISRA C++ 2023, and AUTOSAR C++ 2014, along with the provision of compliance reports, offers a practical tool for developers in industries where safety is a priority. 

Using Cppcheck for security compliance

Ensuring Security Compliance

Cppcheck's support for security standards like CERT C, CERT C++, and Top 25 CWE provides a valuable resource for developers focusing on cybersecurity. Additionally, the ability to generate compliance reports for these standards helps streamline the security certification process.

Trusted by the world

Cppcheck is trusted by engineers all around the world in all kinds of industries such as Automotive, Space, MedTech, Defense, Rail, Consumer Electronics, Industrial Equipment, Finance, Telecom.

Our user base as well as our community is located around the world. Cppcheck is a truly global tool with more than 15 years of development behind it.

The Cppcheck community is growing every day. The repository is housed on Github and boasts more than +5k stars, +27k commits, +5k closed pull requests, +300 active contributors.

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Which license is right for you?

Cppcheck Premium licences

We have several different license models available to suit everything from small teams to enterprise deployments. They are all based on our open-source version which  is a very competent static analysis tool for C and C++. The open -source version is supported by hundreds of enthusiasts in the open-source community and has been downloaded millions of times. 
Our open-source version is of course free to download and use as always. Follow this link to get to the download page.

Enterprise License

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The Enterprise license is locked to a maximum number of lines of code (LoC). It works in CI-environments, VMs and containers as well as on individual computers. 

  • Checkmark The enterprise licensing model supports CI-environments, VMs and containers.
  • Checkmark For enterprise customers, we always provide an online onboarding service to make sure you get the tool up and running as soon as possible.
  • Checkmark Dedicated technical support with installation and integration in your own CI environment.

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